I am enjoying my heart expansion

Deep pink sunI am enjoying my heart expansion. I am enjoying the love that I feel. I am feeling centered and settled in my being. I am allowing peace to infiltrate my body. I am allowing my body to be still, to be quiet, to feel the refreshment that I am having. I am refreshed, renewed, regenerated, re-calibrated. I am allowing me to flow freely, effortlessly in life. I am allowing myself to be with the ups and downs. I am feeling buoyant. I can float with laughter and playfulness and joy. More and more joy is flooding into my life.  I am living in joy, in peace. I am having fun. I am being playful. I’m being kind and generous and loving. I am very compassionate and caring. I include all of that in what I welcome back to myself. I am feeling rooted and grounded in love.  I am realizing the beauty that I am. I am a beautiful being. I have a beautiful soul. I am here to stand strong and firm in this life. I feel very aligned with my source. Yes!


I am strong, flexible, agile, and free

I am strong, flexible, agile, and free. I am honoring my wisdom. I am honoring the expanse within which I travel. I am allowing myself to be strong and I claim that strength to be mine. I am allowing myself to go with the flow, to have ebb and flow in life. I am allowing myself the opportunity to be flexible, to be kind, to be joyous, to be happy. I’m allowing my heart to be in elation at times. I am in love with the life that I have. I’m allowing my heart to sing. I am navigating beautifully. I am agile in that navigation and that feels good. I always know what’s next. I always know what to do. I’m allowing myself to be, to be in my magnificence at all times. Yes, I am a strong one. I am very flexible. I bend with the wind.  I am allowing myself to flow. I am quick on my feet. I am very agile. I am very good at maneuvering through life with ease. Ease and flow and peace and calm, with a heart that’s open and free. I am open and free. I am free to be me and I have a heart felt connection with me, myself, and I and I love that. Yes!

I am laughing a lot

I am laughing a lot. I am enjoying my time. I am having a good time in life. I’m joyful. I’m playful. I’m excited. My life is unfolding beautifully. I am OK with what is. I’m choosing patience. I’m not in a hurry. I am going with the ebb and flow of things. I am continuously moving forward. I am consistent with my work when I need to be. I am allowing myself to just rest and be at times because being is productive. I am loving life. My heart is open. My heart is receptive to all good. I know my worth. I am worth a lot.  I am a beauty to behold. I am allowing God‘s energy to flow through me. I am ignited by God‘s love. I am radiating love. I am a radiant being. I trust deeply that I have a firm foundation on planet earth. I stand in that trust knowing that all is well. I am a responsible one and I take my responsibilities seriously. I make great choices. I trust that I am always making great choices. I love that my stand on planet earth connected to source runs deep. I am standing firmly and strongly in who I am connecting freely to my source. My heart is in delight. I love the heart to heart connections that I have. I have a meaningful life. I am full of love, pure love. I feel that. I am that. I be that. Yes!

I have a deep connection to myself

Dark green sun
I have a deep connection to myself. I have a deep heart connection to life and to love. I am releasing stored trauma and allowing the vibration of love to direct my path. My love presence is allowing for the vibration of trauma to dissipate both from myself and from the environments that I am in. The beauty of the planet and humanity is being revealed. I continue to be amazed at the life that I have, so much life in my body, in my cells. As I connect deeply into who I am, I also deeply connect into nature and all living things. I am enjoying the wonder of it all. I see clearly, I hear clearly, and I am enjoying the deep understanding that is unfolding in me.  I am allowing myself to connect into the deep wisdom of all of life. I am getting to know myself well. I am cultivating heartfelt compassion and empathy for all of life. I am at peace within. Yes!

I am practicing gratitude

Hot pink sunI am practicing gratitude. I have deep gratitude for all that I have. I notice the simple blessings in my life. I feel privileged to have the life that I am living. I am enjoying the music of life. I am experiencing laughter, joy, and playfulness regularly. I appreciate the peaceful happy moments. I am thankful for the deep heartfelt connections I have with friends and family. I am grateful for the lessons I am learning. I am appreciating the healing benefits of nature. I am grateful for the stillness of time and the activity in time. I am grateful for the health of my body, mind, and emotions. I am grateful for the peace I offer for myself. I am enjoying peaceful contemplation. I am grateful that I have all that I need. I am well taken care of and for that I am grateful. There is plenty to have gratitude about. Yes !


Light Blue SunI am having pure peace in my heart. I am pure love and pure love includes peace, radiance, joy, harmony, and rest. I am experiencing pure joy, laughter, and playfulness. I am allowing peace to flow through my body. I enjoy being in the stillness of peace. I enjoy being in the pleasure of peace. I appreciate the ease and flow in my body. I feel anchored in peace and grounded with a joyful heart. I breathe in with ease and allow relaxation in my body as I breathe out. I am at ease and at home in my body. I am allowing peace to flow through me unconditionally. I feel safe in my body and in my environment. I choose to cause peace in my body. I have a deep trust that all is well. I allow for quiet calm. I breathe deeply and completely. I get plenty of contemplation time. I trust my Divine guidance. My heart is at peace. I rest well. Yes!

I feel united with love

Red SunI feel united with love. I feel open hearted and connected to who I am. I am excited about life. I have an understanding that all is to my benefit. I take action when action is what’s needed. I sit and be when sitting and being is what’s needed. I am allowing love to shower over me, filling my energy field, filling my heart. From love I take action. Sometimes that action is being, being in love. I have great trust that I am being and acting exactly what is perfect. I am feeling renewed and revitalized. I am continuously regenerating. I am growing in unity. I have passion for life. I have compassion for all. I am being generous. I am being kind and I am welcoming kindness and generosity  to come to me as well. I feel at one with nature and nature is at one with me. I am open to the possibility of beautiful union with all of humanity. Planet earth is becoming harmonious with life and pure love. I am a vehicle for harmony and love and unity of all of life. I do trust that all is well. I have deep faith in mankind, in myself, and in God. Yes!

I am living in peace

I am living in peace. I am allowing myself to be fully connected. I am accepting who I am. I am accepting what I be and how I show up on planet Earth. I am accepting how others show up to be. I am allowing peace and harmony throughout my life. I am allowing me to be comfortable in my body. I am allowing me to be comfortable around everyone. I am allowing me to live in harmony with life and with other people and with nature too. I am accepting what is. I am realigning with my true purpose. I am feeling very settled in my being. I am comfortable with my true purpose here on earth. I am the person I came here to be. I am powerful in my being. I feel strong in all ways. I am protected and I am protecting. I am feeling very connected to myself and very connected with my source. I am aligned with the power of love. I am love, pure love. I am living my life from my heart with pure love, being compassionate and caring, loving and kind. I appreciate my source connection. I am appreciating how accepting that I am and how accepted that I am too. Yes!

I feel wonderful inside and out

I feel wonderful inside and out. I am allowing my body to be clean, refreshed, and renewed inside and out. I am feeling happy, uplifted and free. I am free to be me. I have a positive outlook on life. I am positive about the future. I am feeling settled and calm in my body. I am breathing freely and completely. I am taking in life-giving nutrients, healthy food, healthy beverage, healthy thoughts, healthy emotions. I am allowing myself to be strong, to be fit, to be vital. I have vitality in every single cell in my body. I am fully oxygenated. I am fully present in life. I feel in order, aligned with the order of the universe, with the order of life, with the order of nature. Every system in my body is in harmony with all the other systems in my body. I’m feeling very harmonious with life. I am allowing myself to relax into who I am. I do feel very present in my body and at one with nature. I am feeling very self-aware. I am allowing myself to be at peace. I am allowing my heart to sing. I am vibrant and alive. Life is exciting for me. I am living life to the fullest and I am happy about that. I am happy, healthy, and whole. Life is good. Yes!

I am connected to the wonder of it all

I am connected to the wonder of it all. I am feeling my heart expanding to include others. My heart continuously expands. I feel the compassion that I have for others and for myself as well. I am feeling centered. I am feeling care, both me having care for others and others having care for me. I am feeling included in the whole of it all. I’m feeling one with the universe. I am feeling one with God and all of humanity. My heart is full of love. Every cell in my body is full of love, pure love in my energy field and beyond. I am content with who I am. I am feeling very inner connected to my source, my very being of life. From this place of inner connectedness  I choose to connect to others in a deep and profound way, heart to heart. Pure love to pure love. I feel included in all of life. I am feeling my part of being and resonating with all that is. It gives me great pleasure being a part of the whole. I am allowing myself to breathe in deeply and relax knowing I am being held by the heavens.  I am being loved and I am loving. I am expanding more into deep heartfelt love. My heart is open and I realize connection is important. I appreciate people including me and their joy. I love celebrating joy and love with others. I feel settled being present with love. Love of humanity, love of myself, love of God.  I am pure love. I am enjoying my magnificence and the magnificence of others. I am loving the joy that is shared. I am living in joy and that feels good. Yes!