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Join us on a Healing Journey with Brenda Galloway’s Enlivened Beings Community

Brenda, an Expert Traditional Naturopath and Energy Healer, designed the Enlivened Beings Community to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Do you feel engaged in life? Are you feeling connected with your true purpose? How valuable would it be for you to live at your most enlivened, healthy state without investing more of your time and effort?

I’ve designed the Enlivened Beings monthly membership for a community of people who want to easily and effortlessly accelerate and elevate their growth on all levels.

We all have stored emotional baggage and physical trauma from numerous stressful experiences, some big, some small, accumulated over our lifetime. This leads to countless energetic blocks that are expressed in various harmful ways such as emotional distress, physical ailments, disharmony in relationships, and strife in many other areas of life.

Do you want to be free of your defeating inner burdens? Allow me to clear your energetic blocks on an ongoing basis without requiring your time or presence, helping you gain more and more freedom to be, do, and have what you want in life.

If you are ready for dramatic, positive, effortless change, this is for you! I invite you to join us in this healing journey. Check out the Member Benefits and click SUBSCRIBE to join.

Member Benefits

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How would it feel to be elevated in your true purpose and fully engaged in life?

That’s what I offer!

The Enlivened Beings Community takes you from where you are (not living life to the fullest) to where you want to be (fully energized!), so you can experience more freedom by expanding your possibilities. Join the Enlivened Beings Community where you will experience many vibrational Enlivened Beings Healings each month to clear energetic blocks from stored stressors, restoring your optimal well-being.  read more

Enlivened Beings Healing

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Have you ever wondered how some people have a sense of purpose and enjoy life to the fullest?

The Enlivened Beings Healing method taps into the body’s innate intelligence to identify and then clear energetic blocks. The clearings allow energy to flow more freely throughout the body on all levels. Free flow of energy enlivens your being automatically! Continuously increase your vibrant health effortlessly on an ongoing basis by joining the Enlivened Beings Community.  read more

About Brenda Galloway

Breanda Galloway

Brenda is a premier Energy Healer and Traditional Naturopath with many years of specialized education in the field and many years of practice.  With her in-depth knowledge, her work will enliven your being, allowing optimum performance in your mind, body, and spirit.  Having completed over 50,000 Enlivened Beings Healings (previously known as Golden Light Healing) since 1994, she is the ideal energy healer to bring greater ease and health on all levels of your being.  read more

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