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Remote Energy Healing for Optimum Well-Being


Your corporate vision includes a caring, trusting, and harmonious community.

Enlivened Beings Healings takes that vision to a deeper level.


Your corporation will see great benefits by enrolling your community in the Enlivened Beings Online Healing Community.  Higher levels of growth occur when people feel cared for and more connected.  Enlivened Beings healings continuously bring this caring warmth for your people, as well as greater focus, harmony, and confidence.

          “As an experienced empathic energy healer, I can … easily clear the disruptions…”

I intuitively tap into the needs and desires of the Enlivened Beings community.  As an experienced empathic energy healer, I can feel the chaos and interference in the community’s energy field that disrupts their relationships and productivity.  Then I easily clear the disruptions for each individual and the community as a whole.  The results?  The entire community enjoys more and more clarity and harmony.  Much like radio waves can bring us music or static, energy transmissions can clear the static and bring us healing.

          “Much like radio waves can bring us music or static, energy transmissions can clear the static and bring us healing.”

Daily life experiences, as well as our history, present situations that distract us from being our best.  Distractions from home-life, relationships, reactions from old experiences, health concerns, etc. can interrupt harmony and productivity at work.  The weight of unresolved inner tension can cause reactions to unrelated situations.  Often, we have to ignore what’s really going on because we must push forward to simply get the day’s work done.  Busy, busy, busy and not enough time to find healthy ways to release stress.

          ”Unresolved emotions from past experiences can cause disruptions on every level…”

Unresolved emotions from past experiences can cause disruptions on every level of our being resulting in poor decision-making, physical pain, lost time at work, lack of focus, thoughtless reactions in relationships, and simply not being and feeling our best.  We all want to be our best, but how can we?

          “Enlivened Beings Healings are unique in that the members benefit with no time or effort…”

Going to the gym, getting massages, seeking counseling, or even getting out in nature are all beneficial – and also take a commitment of time and effort.  Enlivened Beings Healings are unique in that the members benefit with no time or effort on their part – augmenting any health program.  The Enlivened Beings Healings are all on auto-pilot for your people.

At last!  Support to be your best without more stress!  Support to empower positive choices!

What does this support look like?  Throughout each month, your corporate members receive six or more remote clearings and positive energy alignments.  Watch your people improve in these ways:

  • Harmonious Relationships
  • Confident Leadership
  • Decisive Actions
  • Collaborative Efforts
  • Committed Team Players
  • Creative Inspiration
  • Self-confidence
  • Focused Energy
  • Clear Thinking
  • Greater Trust





The healings come in the form of positive affirmations around a chosen theme that represents what the community is wanting.  The positive affirmations represent how life would be without the disruptive inner programming.  These positive affirmations trigger a release of trapped emotions from past experiences that are interfering with being our best in present moment.

It’s not that the words themselves are magic, but that the affirmations trigger an awakening and alignment in each member’s being at a deep level freeing them of their defenses.  The effects of the Enlivened Beings Healings accumulate over time.  With an ongoing membership, they will experience more and more freedom and ease in all aspects of life.

The members will receive emails to alert them each time the healings are posted on the Enlivened Beings Healing Community page.  There they will find the affirmations in written and audio form.  They receive the healings even if they don’t go to the Community page to find out what was cleared.  However, it’s comforting to know about the constant improvements that are being made and to connect to what is being received by reading or listening to the healings on the Community page.

This is an easy way to provide for your people’s overall well-being.  Contact me to arrange for your corporate family to enjoy the benefits of Enlivened Beings Healings.

Let’s connect!