Member Benefits

How would it feel to be elevated in your true purpose and fully engaged in life?

Would you like to effortlessly emerge with more joy, wisdom, freedom and health?

That transformation is possible in the Enlivened Beings Community!

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Brenda Galloway, Expert Traditional Naturopath and Energy Healer, designed the Enlivened Beings Community to take you from where you are (not living life to the fullest) to where you want to be (fully energized!), so you can experience more freedom by expanding your possibilities.

Join the Enlivened Beings Community where you will experience many vibrational Enlivened Beings Healings each month to clear energetic blocks (from stored stressors), restoring your optimal well-being. Your only commitment is to subscribe to the Enlivened Beings Community and allow the beneficial changes, which will empower you to experience higher energy levels, better moods, and a balanced, healthy life! You will enjoy the encouragement and support when you read/listen to the healings as they are posted on the website.

Benefits Enlivened Beings Members Are Appreciating

  • Better mood
  • More energy
  • Clearer thinking
  • Freedom to see life’s options
  • Increased ability to make positive choices
  • Confidence
  • Deeper wellness and ease
  • Spiritual connection
  • Love, joy, wisdom, and freedom

Enlivened Beings Healings:

  • Identify and clear your stored energetic stress
  • Return your body more and more to its natural state of harmony
  • Restore energy flow and pave the way to higher wellness
  • Help you notice positive choices to alleviate everyday stress
  • Bring your body to its full, life potential
  • Help you achieve goals and expand into your magnificence
  • Help you stay at peak performance in all aspects of life
  • Free your body, mind, and spirit to experience full energy and health


We all have energetic blocks preventing us from being, doing, and having what we want in life. The blocks stem from our genetic code as well as the programming our “bio-computer” (including every level of our being) received through our observations and experiences of life. Emotional unrest, unaddressed, gets parked in our physiology, causing energetic blocks. When this occurs over and over, we end up having thousands of energetic blocks interrupting free flow of energy, leaving us feeling disconnected and lost. These blocks cause communication glitches inside and outside of ourselves blurring our awareness of what is and what can be. It takes a huge amount of energy to keep holding these blocks in the subconscious and to keep them away from our conscious mind. The more energetic blocks, the harder it is for us to function and be fully alive, aware, inspired, and enthused. Being free of these blocks allows energy to flow on all levels, enlivening our being!

In the Enlivened Beings Community, your blocks will be cleared, allowing your energy to flow freely. The more enlivened you are, the more inspired you become, the more you accomplish, and the more rewarding your life will be. You become more in love with life and more in love with others!subscribe

Each month:

  • Brenda taps into the community collective and vibrationally determines what is activated and ready to be cleared for the whole. As she works with the community, your needs and those of each and every individual will absolutely be addressed. Because of the amplified field of the whole, everyone gets a deeper and more profound healing than if being cleared individually.
  • You receive a minimum of six healings per month (sometimes more!).
  • Each individual in the amplified field of the whole benefits from the clearings.

After each of the healings, the subject with the positive statements that we’ve integrated will be posted. You can find the postings on the Community Healings page.

Life is good!


Brenda is also available for private, one-on-one consults for specific issues at an additional fee by appointment over the phone. (These consults will include naturopathic, nutritional, and lifestyle recommendations in addition to personalized Enlivened Beings Healings.)



“Brenda began ministering to me with Golden Light (now Enlivened Beings Healing) in 1991 and has supported me through healing from various traumas, injuries, illnesses and stress … I have enjoyed increasing clarity and peace, positive energy and life balance … Brenda has inspired and guided me resulting in my experiencing profound improvements in so many aspects for overall health and well-being.” — Jacki B.

“Brenda came to me by way of a referral from a therapist I was working with at the time. Having significant physical and emotional challenges which therapy could not seem to shift, I went to Brenda as a last-ditch effort. Having worked with Brenda now for over three years, I can say that I have been truly transformed. Brenda’s Golden Light Healing (now known as Enlivened Beings Healing) work has provided me with deep revitalization, shifting my overall energy and well-being in ways that other approaches have not been able to access. Brenda is a wonderful healer who has gone above and beyond in her service offerings. I highly recommend her!” — Christopher

“Brenda’s Golden Light Healings (now known as Enlivened Beings Healing) have changed my life. They have opened me up to a new type of healing I didn’t realize was possible. They effect me for weeks afterwards with more energy, vitality, and loving energy flowing through me. I’m so grateful for her healing capabilities as they have enhanced my emotional and physical well-being more than I can say.” — Becky Farrar

“Brenda’s Enlivened Beings Healings continue to be very beneficial for me on every level. By removing the negative charge on various issues through these energetic balances, I have gained greater emotional and physical peace. The cumulative benefits of her work over the past 21 years have been transformational! I highly recommend Brenda’s work.” — J. Madsen

“When I first started receiving healing work from Brenda about 7 years ago, I knew only that I had major issues with my GI tract. At the time, I had very little energy and was sick often. Gradually, I made mild diet and exercise modifications. I added important supplementation. I received Golden Light Healings (now known as Enlivened Beings Healing) every month. Before long, I started to feel more energy, to make it through the day. In due time, I learned muscle testing and how to know for myself what is correct. I am not sure, where I would be right now in my life, if it were not for Brenda’s extensive herbal, energetic, and Golden Light knowledge.” — Mario The Golden Alchemist