Enlivened Beings Healing

Have you ever wondered how some people have a sense of purpose and enjoy life to the fullest?

Brenda Galloway is an expert energy healer who can make this happen for YOU through Enlivened Beings Healing!

What Is Enlivened Beings Healing?

Butterfly On FingerEnlivened Beings Healing is a vibrational healing method. It positively affects all dimensions of your being and life by subtly releasing stored stressors. This happens remotely without requiring your time or presence. As each remote healing is completed for the Online Healing Community, your needs and those of each and every individual will absolutely be addressed. You get deeper and more profound healings by being a part of the amplified field of the whole community. The cumulative benefits are noticeable over time, as you emerge with more joy, wisdom, freedom and health.

We all have stored emotional baggage from numerous stressful experiences, some big, some small, accumulated over our lifetime. This leads to countless energetic blocks that are expressed in various harmful ways such as physical ailments, emotional distress, disharmony in relationships, and strife in many other areas of life.

Enlivened Beings Healing clears energetic blocks that interrupt the free flow of energy. The goal is to have free flowing energy throughout the body on all levels so you can be fully enlivened and be at peak performance in all aspects of life: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, relationally, financially, and globally.

Brenda uses the Enlivened Beings Healing method to tap into the body’s innate intelligence to identify the blocks that stop you from achieving your goals and desires. She then uses the remote healing technique that clears the way for you to have free energy flow, resulting in more vibrant health in your life.

Increase your vibrant health effortlessly and continuously by joining the Enlivened Beings Online Healing Community where you will receive multiple healings per month.

The more Enlivened Beings Healings you have, the freer your body becomes. Each healing removes more and more blocks to having, being, and doing what you want.

It will feel great to experience freedom from your defeating inner burdens. Allow Brenda to help you gain that freedom.

Free Flow of Energy = Freedom and Health!

Benefits Members Are Appreciating

  • Better mood
  • More energy
  • Clearer thinking
  • Freedom to see life’s options
  • Increased ability to make positive choices
  • Confidence
  • Deeper wellness and ease
  • Spiritual connection
  • Love, joy, wisdom, and freedom

Enlivened Beings Healings:

  • Identify and clear your stored energetic stress
  • Return your body more and more to its natural state of harmony
  • Restore energy flow and pave the way to higher wellness
  • Help you notice positive choices to alleviate everyday stress
  • Bring your body to its full, life potential
  • Help you achieve goals and expand into your magnificence
  • Help you stay at peak performance in all aspects of life
  • Free your body, mind, and spirit to experience full energy and health

How Does Enlivened Beings Healing Work in a Remote Community?

Energy healing can be instrumental both for an individual and in community. Enlivened Beings Healing in a community amplifies the benefits to each individual as it accesses healing on a deeper level because of the collective energetics in the amplified field of the community members. Once the goals and positive statements are obtained, determined, and revealed, the energetic clearing removes energetic blocks that are interfering with achieving your goals.

About The Enlivened Beings Healing Community

Individuals in the Enlivened Beings Community have issues they want to resolve and goals they want to attain. The collective Enlivened Beings Community makes the process deeper and more expansive because each person has many facets to the issues being addressed, igniting the hidden blockages in others that might not come up if the healing was done for only one person. As more people in the Enlivened Beings Community participate in the healings, the power and positive change increases exponentially.

The role of an Enlivened Beings Community member is to allow the beneficial changes. Be open to positive expectations of igniting your full potential: spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, relationally, financially, and globally. Be willing to expand your awareness to new possibilities of enjoying your purpose in life. As you and all the community members continue to expand, you will be more enlivened and able to realize your life potential! You will enjoy the encouragement and support when your read/listen to the healings as they are posted on the website.

In the Enlivened Beings Community, your energetic blocks will be cleared, allowing your energy to flow more freely. The more enlivened you are, the more inspired you become, the more you accomplish, and the more rewarding your life will be. You become more in love with life and more in love with others!subscribe

Each month:

  • Brenda taps into the community collective and vibrationally determines what is activated and ready to be cleared for the whole. As she works with the community, your needs and those of each and every individual will absolutely be addressed. Because of the amplified field of the whole, everyone gets a deeper and more profound healing than if being cleared individually.
  • You receive a minimum of six healings per month (sometimes more!).
  • Each individual in the amplified field of the whole benefits from the clearings.

After each of the healings, the subject with the positive statements that we’ve integrated will be posted. You can find the postings on the Community Healings page.

Expect Powerful Transformation!