I am welcome, included, and supported. I have the power to achieve my goals. My eyes are open to see. I have a great understanding. My root chakra is grounded. I have released old unbeneficial habits. I am genetically calm. I easily replace negative thinking with positive thinking. I am wired correctly. My eyes see clearly. I am attracting stability and trust. I feel worthy of lasting love and support. I have permission to be included. I am complete and whole. Energy flows effortlessly through me. I am spiritually aligned. I stand before God blameless and loved. I am approved of. My life is full of joy. My body is happy. I have the keys to life. My life is full of golden opportunities. My heart chakra is aligned. I am aware of my senses. I am making my desires come into reality. I am worth a lot. I have faith that all is well. I am fully accepting my life on earth. My thymus gland is fully functional. I am genetically calm. I trust my insights. I have healed my genetic code. I love who I am. I am content. I easily return to balance. I am creative. I trust my consciousness. I release grief easily. My heart is open for love. Yes!

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