Sun-steel-blueI have a deep sense of calm.  I feel rejuvenated.  I feel serene.  I feel more and more connected to who I really am.  I feel satisfied with the me that I am being.  I am seeing all the good that I contain.  I’m seeing how free I really am.  I feel elation welling up in me.  I feel connected to all that is.  I feel a safety within this universe.  I feel very grounded.  I feel confident.  I feel stable.  I feel secure.  I feel fully present in my body, and it feels good.  I am safe in my body.  I am safe in the world, and I feel deeply at peace about that.  I am living my life from unconditional love; love for myself, love for others, love for the planet, love for God.  I allow myself to sink into a deep sense of love.  My heart is opening.  My eyes are opening.  My life is opening.  I feel like a flower that’s in full bloom.  My arms are wide open willing to embrace the newness of the life that I have, and it feels good.  I feel deep pleasure on all levels.  I am waking up to being fully alive, fully present, and fully whole.  I have a deep sense of calm and it feels good.  Yes!

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