Being in balance.  I feel at peace right now.  I feel balanced.  I feel whole.  I see my future unfolding beautifully.  I like the path that I’m on.  I feel good about my goals – they’re achievable, they’re doable.  My life is in balance.  I have the perfect amount of everything going on.  And I like how everything is unfolding.  Beautifully it’s unfolding.  I’m allowing myself to be expansive, to be connected, to be grounded, to be present.  I’m allowing myself to be very present and in my body.  I feel very present in my body.  I have what it takes to live in present moment, right here, right now.  I feel my being is very balanced.  I am on an even keel.  I can take deep breaths and breathe out with a sigh of relief that everything’s alright.  Everything’s going in the right direction.  Everything is working out for me.  I am owning who I am and what I do and what I be in this world.  I feel like a wave of energy leaves my energy field and affects everyone in a circumference that’s wide.  I am like the pebble in the pond, reverberating out into this sphere of influence that I have.  I am in balance.  I’m growing.  I’m expanding.  I’m knowing, knowing that I’m connected to the cosmos, connecting to all that is, having answers at my beck and call.  I ask questions, I get answers.  I feel present.  I’m living in the now.  I am grounded.  I am on an even keel.  I do feel balanced.  I do feel focused.  I do feel like I’m productive and proceeding in a forward manner toward the goals that I have.  Goals in all aspects of my life: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, relationally, and all aspects of my life.  I feel in balance.  I trust that I know what I’m doing.  I trust that the universe is providing people and resources for me to live the fantastic life that I’ve decided I will and am living.  Yes.  I do feel a grounding presence in my body.  Yes, I have the freedom to be me.  Yes, I am the me I know to be.  Yes!

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