Calm heart. I am allowing myself to live in the present, in the now with peace in my heart. I am breathing deeply and completely. I am allowing my heart to be calm. I am gentle with myself. I am relaxing into the new, and into what is next. I am allowing deep heart connections with myself and with others. My heart energy is amplifying and radiating pure love. I am expansive. I have all the energy I need. I am fully energized. My heart and circulatory system are working beautifully. My nervous system is in balance. My heart is glowing with beauty and love. I am allowing deep trust to anchor me in love. My heart is soaring with delight in each new day. I expect positive change. I am allowing peace and flow in my life. I feel at ease with my work, and the decisions I make. I am releasing more and more of what I no longer need in my life. My heart is calm. I am at peace, and I am allowing joy to feel my being. Yes!


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