I am allowing myself to stay calm in every situation.  I know what it feels like to be calm in the midst of chaos, and I can easily do that, and I allow myself to easily do that, and to be that and have that.  I can easily take a deep breath and breathe out all the stress.  I take a calming breath and allow myself to relax and unwind.  At any given time I can bring myself back to a serene state, easily in just a couple of minutes.  I am honoring who I am.  I am honoring what I feel like.  I am acknowledging my emotions and I easily allow myself to get back to a comfortable place of calm.  Ease of flow of energy in the midst of chaos is doable, in fact, I’m amazed at how easy it is for me to pull that off.  Taking a deep breath and breathing out anything kind of thing that is not keeping me calm, no problem.  I am moving forward with ease, and flow, and grace.  And when stressful situations come up,  I move through them with ease, and flow, and, grace.  I’m level headed.  I can easily think through what’s next and proceed.  I can take action in a calm, mindful way in the midst of any environment or situation.  I consciously slow myself down into the comfort zone.  I think clearly.  I work through problems with ease, and I present myself with an opportunity to be at ease.  And, more and more,  I am getting great at it.  I am great at it.  I am great at experiencing calm, when I used to not feel calm, but from now on, I easily breathe into a comfortable place.  And that feels good.  Yes!

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