Detoxing with ease, yes! I am allowing myself to detox with ease. My liver is happy. I am healthy. I have all the energy I need. I am noticing myself having healthy habits. I am compelled to be healthy in every way. I am noticing more happiness. My brain is expansive and clear. I am on a roll with health. I am ignited with true energy. I heal with ease and speed. I am succumbing to the needs of my body. I am allowing health to happen. I have the freedom to be well. I choose healthful things for my body. It is easy for me to release what I don’t need. I am secure in what I know. I am clearing space for well-being. I welcome well-being on every level. I acknowledge my accomplishments. I embrace a healthy body, mind, and spirit. I feel safe in this world. The world is a safe place for me. I am content. I have been set free. Yes!


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