Energy flows through me easily. I am allowing free exchange of energy in my body. Energy I need flows in, energy I don’t need flows out. I am in touch with the ebb and flow of life. I am happy being me. I am light hearted. I am allowing joy to flow through me. I feel anchored in my well-being. I am powerful and I am connected to my power. I have ease of flow of energy throughout my body. I am in harmony with life. I feel serene. I have patience. I see things from a positive perspective. I trust everything will work out for the best. I feel blessed with the life that I have. I am flexible. I am experiencing freedom. My heart is open to joy. I am grounded with a deep-seated trust. I feel calm. I easily take in deep breaths. I am allowing my body to relax. I have an inner knowing that all is well. I am allowing my body to feel peaceful. I am peaceful. Yes!

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