I am relaxing

Light Blue SunI am relaxing about how things need to be. I can easily take in deep breaths and release excess tension. I’m allowing myself contemplation time. I am as organized as I need to be. I have the right skills for the tasks at hand. I feel competent. I complete projects and tasks in a timely manner. I know my priorities and arrange to focus on those. I have the support I need. I am moving through life at a comfortable speed. I ask for help when I need it. I take breaks in my day. I have enough alone time and enough fun time. I appreciate the input from others. I enjoy collaborating and cooperating with others. I am pleased with what I have, and how I am being. My life is full of ease, and I appreciate that. Yes!

I am happy with today

Yellow SunI am happy with today. I am allowing my life to unfold beautifully. I am allowing myself to move through life at a comfortable speed. I allow myself time to slow down and relax. I am being easy on myself, and realize I am being my best me. I am choosing to let go and simplify. I am enjoying my life adventures. The right people come into my life in perfect timing for my learning, for companionship, collaboration, camaraderie, and just plain fun. I have what I need, and then some. I feel happy about my progress and abilities. I feel successful and accomplished.  I enjoy pleasure in the simple things. I am noticing delightful things in nature daily. I’m feeling blessed being aligned with my source. My spirit grows stronger every day. I am indeed happy this day. Yes!

I am ready for what is next

I am ready for what is next. I see a bright future for myself, even now. I am ready to move out of my old ways and into the new. I am confident in the direction I am going. I allow myself to be in stillness to listen to my heart’s instructions. I am at peace with the new changes happening in my life. I look forward to all the new adventures. I am opened to new friendships. I am continuously learning new things that give me new insights and new direction. I am up for the surprises ahead. I am consciously in the now. I have a great sense of trust. I am anticipating smooth transitions into the new phases in my life. I am being satisfied with my life. It’s fun to contemplate on the new possibilities coming into view. My spirit is calm as I ride the waves of change. Yes!

Today I am starting a new

Today I am starting a new. Everything left behind is over. I’m fresh. I’m excited. I’m in wonder of what’s next. I feel good about me. I feel good about life. I’m feeling worthy of a fantastic well-being. I’m getting all the answers that I need. I’m looking into new things. I’m learning a lot. All my questions get answered. Life is good. I feel fulfilled. I am enjoying each moment with ease and grace. I’m not letting myself get caught up with worry. I’m letting worries go. Life is an exciting adventure to be enjoyed, and I am enjoying my life. I’m being in joy. I’m living in love. I am love. I’m feeling the sweetness of love. It feels good living in the now. Yes!

I am in harmony with life

I am in harmony with life. I am in harmony with myself. I am in harmony with my source connection. All of my systems and organs in my body are in harmony with life. I feel at peace in my body and my mind. I am present in the now. I am living in the moment, now. All of my relationships are in the present, now. My relationships with myself, with others, with nature, with source are in the now, and are in harmony with life. My heart is happy. My heart is open. My heart is free to laugh and sing and be in joy . I feel aligned with my purpose. I feel calm and serene. I feel held by the cosmos. I realize all my needs are met in the now. I am happy, I am healthy, I am whole. I am sane and present in the now. I am in love with life. I am in love with me. I am in harmony with all that is. Yes!

I am centered and I am focused

I am centered and I am focused. I am focused on me. I am aligned with the cosmos. I am aligned with who I am. I am in harmony with life. I’m feeling peaceful, grounded, present. I breathe with ease. I relax fully. I am sleeping deeply every single night. My endocrine system is in balance. My brain has free flow of energy. My mind has clear thinking. My body is healing deeply and completely continuously. I feel settled. It is easy for me to focus. It is easy for my mind to be calm. My nervous system is relaxed. I always know what is best to do. I am moving forward in life effortlessly. I am willing to take risks. I am aware of my surroundings. I feel safe in my body and in my environment. I have the freedom to be who I am. I am filling my life with love, with joy, with peace. I am a radiant being. I am allowing myself to sit and be in love and joy . I am radiating love. Love is all around. I am present to that. My heart is expanding. My heart is calm. My love abounds. I am in joy. I am relaxing into who I am. Yes!

I am confident I will always be well taken care of

Red Sun

I am confident I will always be well taken care of. I will always have more than enough. I will always be safe. I feel safe in my body. I feel safe in my home. I feel safe in my environment. I feel my source presence. I feel the love that I have all the time. I am reminded, I am well taken care of. I will always have my needs met. I can breathe calmly and release tension and enjoy free flow of energy throughout my body. I am insisting that I live life with love, compassion, trust, confidence, and stability. I am a strong being full of light and energy. I am receiving what I need. I feel confident. I am able to relax knowing that all is well and everything is taken care of. Yes!

I am allowing my heart to feel free

Hot pink sunI am allowing my heart to feel free. I am uplifted and calm. I feel motivated in life. I am enjoying my life. I am enjoying who I am. I am enjoying my physical self. Life is good. I am breathing deeply and completely. I am relaxing into the moment. I do feel good about me. I know I am an amazing human being. My life is making a positive impact in my sphere of influence. I am relaxing into each moment, realizing I am well taken care of. My heart is open to love. I accept love freely. I’m feeling connected to my source. My mind works beautifully. I have a sharp memory. I’m taking my time getting things done. No hurries, no worries. I’m moving through life with ease. I am in flow. I am present in my body and I like that. I am renewing and regenerating and healing deeply and completely. My body is fully energized. I am feeling very grounded in love. My heart is happy . Yes!

I feel focused, organized, and productive

I feel focused, organized, and productive. I see myself being very successful. I see myself gaining traction bringing in money, being compensated very well for my efforts. It’s getting easier and easier all the time. My time is freeing up. I don’t feel tied down. I have freedom and expansiveness and excitement for what’s next in my life. I’m feeling very comfortable with lots of money coming in. I’m feeling very comfortable having the lifestyle that I want. I’m feeling comfortable being in charge of my life. I know I am successful. I have the right people showing up in my life and the right doors opening for me. I am well taken care of. I have ease in my schedule. I have time for myself, my family, and my friends. I am having fun. I am enjoying the work that I do. I am in joy in life. I am happy, confident, and accomplished, and that feels good. Yes!

I am allowing myself to feel good about me

I am allowing myself to feel good about me, to love who I am, to be soft and gentle to myself. I’m allowing myself to be filled with pure love. I am calm and decisive. I am relaxing into what is new. My heart is open for love. I am letting go of everything that is not love centered. My life is going perfectly. Even the things that don’t feel good are the perfect thing right then. I am seeing things and feeling things. I am being pure love. I’m excited about life. I’m excited about learning. I’m excited about being the real me. I am the real me. A beautiful light filled, love filled me. I’m attracting beautiful light filled, love filled, heart centered people to me. I have free flow of energy throughout my body. I am letting go of things that don’t belong, with ease and flow. I am beginning a new, one step at a time. I’m feeling great about the me that I am . Yes!