My body is fully alive

Yellow Sun

My body is fully alive. I’m allowing my body to be active and free. I take good care of myself. I give myself enough time to rest and revitalize. I get deep restful sleep each night. I awake refreshed and renewed and ready for my day. I give myself the opportunity to breathe deeply and completely. I get the perfect amount of body movement to allow free flow of energy throughout my body. I am strong and flexible, youthful, and free. I am fully nourished with life-giving foods, clear thoughts, and contemplation time in nature. I love learning and continue to learn about things that interest me. I enjoy my daily activities. I am scheduling and enjoying fun, laughter, and playfulness with myself and others. I am feeling joy more and more. I am allowing myself to feel deeply my emotions as they move through me, and then out. I am breathing in the newness of life and that is exciting. Yes!

I’m choosing to be at peace in my heart

I’m choosing to be at peace in my heart. I am choosing to settle in my being. I like being present in my body. I like the fact that my body continuously renews and regenerates. I am allowing myself to be still and to practice presence. I am aligned with my purpose. I am good at what I do. I’m feeling settled in my body. I am allowing myself to love myself. I am allowing my heart to be in the vibration of love. I’m enjoying the stillness in my environment. I am being in love, in life. I am allowing joy to fill my energy field and I am radiating that joy wherever I go. I am at peace knowing that I am here being and doing what I am here for. Life is good. I am feeling grounded and present in my body, where my power shows up.  I am a powerful one. I shift and change energy. I am on task. My heart is hopeful. My heart is joyful. I am kind and considerate, and I attract kind and considerate back to me. Yes, I feel good about me. I’m an amazing human being, and I am willing to admit that. I am pleased with life, and I am settled in my being. Yes!

I am up for the challenge

I am up for the challenge. I am living fully in my body. I like the feel of being fully present in my body in my environment. I am safe being fully present in my body. I am allowing my nervous system to relax, to renew, to regenerate, and be calm. I am allowing myself to have a peaceful heart, a happy heart, a joyful heart. I am allowing myself to let go of everything weighing me down. I am opening into the possibilities that are out there for me. I’m effortlessly flowing through my days. My burdens are lifted and diminishing and dissipating. I am living in joy. I’m living in happiness. I am living in freedom. I have the freedom to live in safety in my body, in my environment, and around the people I am being with. I am settled in my being. I am strong in my way. I choose to value my values and for that I am thankful. Yes!

I have a renewed mind

I have a renewed mind, a renewed way of thinking, a renewed way of being. I am solid in my being, grounded in love. I’m being peaceful in my heart and in my mind and in my body. I am allowing relaxation. I am allowing enjoyment. I’m allowing pleasure. I am deeply and completely in love with life. I love my life I am happy, I am healthy, I am whole. I easily breathe in the breath of life and allow myself to renew and re-balance. I am ignited with joy and happiness and peace and radiance. I am moving through life with ease, one step at a time. I am opening up to love, pure love. Pure love abounds in my life in a big way. Everything falls into place beautifully. Yes!

I am aligned with my purpose

I’ m aligned with my purpose. I am aligned with my source. I am aligned with the universe and nature. I’m feeling at peace inside. I’m feeling expanded and connected with the cosmos. I am noticing my awareness is expanding. I am coming into coherence with myself and with the order of things in nature. I am feeling present in my body and renewed. I have a sense of how things are being in my life I am allowing myself to live right here, right now in each new moment. I’m celebrating each new moment of every day, the learnings I acquire, the help I receive, and the help I give. I am being generous. I am being kind and that is being reciprocated back to me. I have a lovely life. The more expanded I feel the easier it gets to let go of what’s not me and let go of things that have been holding me back.  My heart, the center of my being, is doing well, it is being love. It is being pure love with all the aspects of pure love filtering into every part of my environment via my own pure love heart. As I take in deep breaths I am bringing in the newness of life, and that feels good. I’m releasing out what no longer serves me. I love the cycle of life that I am a part of. My heart is happy and I am settled in my being. Yes!

I am allowing myself to be strong

I am allowing myself to be strong. Strong in spirit, strong in mind, strong in body. I’m feeling present. I am fully occupying my body. I see things clearly, as they are. I am allowing myself to relax. Every cell in my body is working beautifully. I’m seeing myself calm and spiritually connected. I am allowing my thoughts to relax and come in at a comfortable speed. It is easy for me to see truth and not truth and know the difference. I am dismissing everything that doesn’t belong in my space. I’m letting go of things that I don’t need. I have clear, clean thoughts. I am aligned with the cosmos. I know I have all the help I need at my beck and call. I feel complete. I feel fully equipped to run my life in a healthy, organized way. I am happy. I am healthy. I am whole and complete. I am being taken care of in every way. I can relax knowing I am taken care of. Yes!

I am lighthearted and fun

I am lighthearted and fun. I am festive. I like celebrating. I like having a good time. I am allowing my heart to be buoyant and free. I’m allowing free flow of energy throughout my body and every cell in my body is fully activated and working their jobs beautifully. I am energetic. I am happy. I am happy to be me. I am happy about life. I love being joyful. I feel buoyant, even effervescent.
I can relax into being peaceful, calm, and content. I am content with my life. I am content with my friends. I’m content with my job. I can breathe in fully and freely and completely. I can breathe out all that doesn’t belong. I am aligned with my source. I am aligned with who I truly am. I feel at peace in my heart knowing I am the best me I can be. Yes!

I am allowing my heart to be open

I’m allowing my heart to be open. I am hearing the music that my heart sings. Sometimes I’m up and sometimes I’m down and I’m always me. I love me. I love who I am. I love how I show up. I love the life that I have. I’m being the best me I can be, in every moment, yes I am. My mind is clear. My thoughts are organized. My body is fully organized, fully alive and fully present. I am allowing myself to be quiet when being quiet is perfect. I am allowing myself to be noisy when that is perfect. I’m allowing myself to be social, to connect heart-to-heart with people. I give thanks for the relationships that I have and that is perfect. My alignment with God is perfect.  My source connection is pure and I am pure. I am pure love. I’m allowing that pure love to be noticed by myself and by others. My being pure love is expanding out into my environment. I have great social skills. It is fun for me to play in the presence of the energy fields of others and help people shift and grow and realize their depth, as I realize my depth.  This walk I have with my source is amazing. I appreciate that. I appreciate me. I appreciate the love that I have for life. I celebrate the life in all beings. I am allowing my heart to be full of peace, radiance, joy, and above all pure love. Yes!

I am empowered by love

Red SunI am empowered by love. I am feeling into the soft gentleness of pure love. I am open. I am loving. I am kind. I am generous. I am attracting all of that back to me. I’m feeling beautiful, loving, effortless energy all around me. I am being centered and focused and in my body in a deep and purifying way. I’m being purified from the inside out, from the top down, and the bottom up. I am feeling very grounded in love. I am open to expanding the love that I am. I am open to connecting heart-to-heart with people. I am loving the community that I am having with others. I am feeling safe. I am feeling connected. I am very oriented in life. Life is expanding in each and every cell in my body and I am feeling the power of life flowing through me. I have a beautiful flowing energy and that feels exquisite. I am at peace here on earth. I am a loving being and I am full of light. I appreciate my being. I am relaxing into each new day being that pure light and that pure love that I am.  That feels good. I am enjoying my open heart and my expansiveness. I am enjoying my source connection and grounding presence. I am amazing and full of joy. Yes!

I am ready for change

I am ready for change. I am seeing things differently. I am allowing my body to renew. I feel safe inside my body. I feel safe on planet earth. I am allowing myself to align, to align with the cosmos. I’m feeling very grounded and present in my body. It’s easy for me to discern what’s right for me and what’s not. I am choosing to let go of everything that no longer serves me, let go of everything weighing me down. I am allowing myself freedom, freedom to grow, freedom to prosper, freedom to be fully alive. I’m present for new beginnings, new life, new adventures. I’m connecting in with my purpose. I’m standing strong. My heart is open. I’m allowing myself more and more pleasures in life. My inner strength is there. I am prospering. I am in great health. I think clearly. I am in joy a lot. I love the exciting adventure called life. I am ready for what’s next, leaving all things behind that are not in my future.  I step freely and easily into the new. I appreciate new beginnings. I appreciate the new me. I appreciate that love is the center of it all. Yes!