I am owning who I am

I am owning who I am. I am being present to the now. I am listening to my heart, and understanding my heart. I am making decisions from my heart. I am living in the freedom that I have. I am enjoying my source connection. I am settled in my being. I realize I am well taken care of. I will always be well taken care of. I see things clearly. I know what to do. I am feeling my heart’s connection with people. I allow and adore that. I am friendly, open, and free. I am meeting people. I am enjoying life. I am living life to the fullest in my way. I am allowing peace to envelop me. I am feeling soft and vulnerable and at the same time I am feeling strong and free. I am smart and I am using my wisdom. I have great understanding. I appreciate that. I feel equipped to navigate this world in this day and time. I am grateful for my source connection. Yes!

Pure love is my anchor

Pink sun

Pure love is my anchor. I’m seeing things clearly. I am listening to my heart. I am allowing my heart to lead me in the direction I should go. I am allowing all the not me to come up and out. I’m willing to be the real me. I am letting go of all external negative forces. I am being me. I am living in love. Love is purifying me. I am holding my ground being me, allowing things to come up to purify in my space and in those around me. I’m making progress. I’m being patient. I’m living with compassion for myself and others. I’m present to the now. Now is all there is. I am allowing my heart to sing. I’m dancing through life enjoying the moments and all the learning. I am sprinkling pure love wherever I go. I am integrating more pure love every single day, that’s my anchor. Yes!

I am choosing to fully occupy my body

I am choosing to fully occupy my body. To be grounded and present, right now. I am always present, right now in my body. My body is full of wisdom, and I am allowing my body to listen to that wisdom, to be connected into that wisdom. I am allowing myself to feel heart centered and connect deeply with my own heart. I am choosing to let my heart be the guidance for myself. I am feeling how grounded and present nature is, and every time I am out in nature, it helps me to be more grounded and present as well. I am very connected to the rhythms of nature and the wisdom of nature. I am allowing nature to teach me principles. I am allowing myself to be calm and quiet, so I can hear my heart’s desires, my heart’s direction in life, and for the wisdom to flow through. I am feeling very powerful in my body. I am enjoying being fully present in my body, walking in life fully engaged. I like being present. I am allowing wisdom and presence to flow through me, and be in me. I am solidly in my being. Yes!

I am healing big time

Red Sun

I am healing big-time. I am ready for this. I am allowing this. I am experiencing this. I am OK with the discomfort I am having during this healing journey. I’m feeling safe, realizing that I am on my way to being healthier, and healthier, and healthier, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I am on board with healing deeply and completely. I am letting go of all the not me. The not me has held me in a holding pattern far too long, it’s time to let that go. I am ready, and I am allowing it to go.  It is happening even now. Yes discomfort. Yes, it might be scary being the real me and I am ready. I am so ready. I need all the shackles to be loosened and tossed out of my experience. I’m having freedom and it feels good. I am noticing what doors are opening for me. Different people in my space. People are leaving. People are coming in. I feel safe being in my body, fully present, living from my heart and welcoming the new experiences set before me, the new people I am meeting, and the new opportunities that are unfolding for me now. It’s an exciting adventure. I am stepping into who I am. No more hiding. The mask is off, and I am presenting as me. Yes!

My body is fully alive

Yellow Sun

My body is fully alive. I’m allowing my body to be active and free. I take good care of myself. I give myself enough time to rest and revitalize. I get deep restful sleep each night. I awake refreshed and renewed and ready for my day. I give myself the opportunity to breathe deeply and completely. I get the perfect amount of body movement to allow free flow of energy throughout my body. I am strong and flexible, youthful, and free. I am fully nourished with life-giving foods, clear thoughts, and contemplation time in nature. I love learning and continue to learn about things that interest me. I enjoy my daily activities. I am scheduling and enjoying fun, laughter, and playfulness with myself and others. I am feeling joy more and more. I am allowing myself to feel deeply my emotions as they move through me, and then out. I am breathing in the newness of life and that is exciting. Yes!

I am ready for the new

I am ready for the new. I welcome it. I am shedding the past, and what I no longer need. I can sit in silence and feel my heart. I am ready to live my heart’s desires. I see clearly my path ahead. I have searched and researched this path I am on. I am renewed and recharged and ready for what is next. I am relaxing into the now. I am faithful to being present with my self and listening to my heart. I feel fully alive and present in my body. My mind is clear and focused. I have everything I need for my new adventures. Everything is unfolding beautifully. I am safe in my environment. I am safe in my body and safe in my mind. I am at ease as my energy flows. I am grateful and thankful for my source connection and the guiding light that it is for me. I breathe easily, knowing I am being held by the heavens. I feel very supported and grounded as I step into the new. Yes!

I see how I am

Medium Blue Sun

I see who I am. I feel connected to who I really am. I am dropping the “not me“ more and more each day. I am clearing away the false programs, and aligning more and more with my true self. I like who I am. I love who I be. I am full of love. I am gentle and kind. I am generous and considerate. I feel good about the healing presence that I am. I am enjoying heart-to-heart connections with people. I am deeply connecting into my heart and following my heart’s guidance. And it is getting easier and easier to recognize truth, and to recognize the not truth. I feel safe and protected. I am free to be me, and I love the me that I am. Yes!

I am allowing myself to go deep

I am allowing myself to go deep, to love myself deeply, and completely. I am breathing freely and deeply. I am sinking down into who I am. I’m feeling more confident and more present in my body. My lungs and heart are expanding and I am taking in the beneficial things in life much easier. I am transforming and living more in the frequency of pure love. I have a deep sense of trust that my life is going in the right direction. I am learning the right things. I am connecting deeply with like-minded people as well as with myself. I am feeling comfortable in my body and in my mind. I am at ease. I’m allowing myself to relax into the present moment. I’m surprised at how much ease I have in my body these days. I’m tapping into the freedom that I have. I am free to be me, the real me.  I am embodying, pure love and radiating it out. I am shining bright, I feel it. I feel the warmth of the sun inside me. I am tapped in to how emotions flow. Emotions do flow, but I am not my emotions. I am pure love, and I deeply embody that. I trust that my life is exactly what I need it to be. Yes!

Calm Heart

Calm heart. I am allowing myself to live in the present, in the now with peace in my heart. I am breathing deeply and completely. I am allowing my heart to be calm. I am gentle with myself. I am relaxing into the new, and into what is next. I am allowing deep heart connections with myself and with others. My heart energy is amplifying and radiating pure love. I am expansive. I have all the energy I need. I am fully energized. My heart and circulatory system are working beautifully. My nervous system is in balance. My heart is glowing with beauty and love. I am allowing deep trust to anchor me in love. My heart is soaring with delight in each new day. I expect positive change. I am allowing peace and flow in my life. I feel at ease with my work, and the decisions I make. I am releasing more and more of what I no longer need in my life. My heart is calm. I am at peace, and I am allowing joy to feel my being. Yes!


I am being me

I am being me. I am taking a strong stand, in who I am. I am being grounded and full of love. I always have access to what I need. I’m feeling stable, safe, and secure. I’m enjoying my life. I’m having fun. I’m doing things that give me pleasure. I’m allowing myself to feel deeply with what comes up, then move forward with ease. I am accepting what’s in my life. I’m thoughtfully thinking through what’s next. I am allowing myself to sink down into my heart and listen and take action from my heart. My heart and mind are in sync. I’m loving my life. I have a great life. I am enjoying my experiences. I can take in deep breaths, and with a sigh of relief let go of all that I am done with, and all that never belonged in the first place. I’m excited about what’s new, what’s in the future, and what’s next. I’m living my life from the perspective of love. Love abounds in my life. There is plenty of love to go around and I love being in the vibration of love. Yes!