I feel clean and clear

I feel clean and clear. My body and mind are continuing to refresh and renew. My body is working beautifully to detox everything that is not beneficial. I am releasing old dead debris from my thoughts as well as my body tissues. I am healthy and strong. I continuously do beneficial things for my body, mind, and spirit. I choose to stay away from detrimental thoughts, people, and things. I feel inspired to eat clean, high vibrating, healthful foods. I am enjoying being in nature. I am enjoying uplifting friendships. I get plenty of body movement, clean water, and fresh air. I feel enlivened more and more on the cellular level. My body and mind are rejoicing at how well I take care of them. I feel vibrantly alive and I am very thankful for my healthy, clean, clear body, mind, and spirit. Yes!

I am choosing to be relaxed

Light Blue SunI am choosing to be relaxed. I am choosing to slow down. I am allowing myself to breathe deeply and completely. I am enjoying the stillness of my mind and body. I give myself the opportunity to get quiet inside. I experience joy in the simplest of pleasures. I delight in the joyful moments of each day. I am feeling the sun’s vibration energize and uplift me. I am noticing the benefits of being in nature, both in person and in my imagination. I have the freedom to relax and renew. I feel settled and grounded in my being. I am aligned with the inner joy that I have. My heart is open to giving and receiving love on a deep level. My mind is calm. I am enjoying just BEing. Yes!

I love who I am

Pink sun

I love who I am. I like how I show up in the world. I am fully present in my body. I am supportive to who I am. I like the speed I am learning. I feel good about what I know. I am inspired to be happy. I am taking life one step at a time. I am breathing deeply and freely. I am being myself fully and I am willing to be seen fully. I am empowered to be in the world as the real me. I am safe in the world and in my body. I am willing to see things differently with the deeper, fuller perspective. I am acquiring more depth and understanding. I feel seen, heard, and understood. I feel celebrated and loved. It is wonderful being the real me in the midst of others and even when I am alone. I like me. I celebrate me. I am amazing. Yes!

I trust my inner knowing

I trust my inner knowing. My inner guidance is clear. I have let go of fear. I am seeing truth. I am allowing myself to be grounded and strong. Trusting in my inner knowing gives me peace. I have freedom and understanding in all situations. I can be calm in the midst of chaos because of my clear source connection. I am mindful of my knowing. I listen to my heart. I take a stand on what I know to be true. I am safe in my environment. I have all the help that I need. I am feeling the peace that I have in my heart. I choose what is correct for me. I heed my desire to be my best me and take action in making it so. I am in harmony with who I am and with life itself. I feel good about me and where I am going in life. I am at ease with my journey forward.  Yes!

I am allowing myself to feel prosperous

I am allowing myself to feel prosperous. I feel confident. I feel refreshed. I am feeling good about my connection to myself and to my source. I easily allow myself to be of great service to people. I feel important. I feel very helpful. I am full of life and light. I’m allowing money to come to be easily and effortlessly and often. People pay me for my worth. People get results with me. I am a healing presence. My very present shift things in people in a beneficial way. People love compensating me for my efforts. I am a happy recipient of their financial offers.  It is easy for me to accept money. I realize people want to compensate me. Over and over and over they come to me for help and they get results. I do know things. I do have wisdom and understanding. I do have direction. I am on purpose. I am living my life well. I have all my needs met. I have plenty to be generous with. I deserve compensation for what I offer. People are happy to pay me. I am worth a lot. I am worth a lot. I understand that. Yes!

I am living my life through my heart

Deep pink sunI am living my life through my heart, through my soul, through my being. I am allowing my presence to go deep, to be rooted in who I am. I am feeling very connected to source energy and to the newness of life that infiltrates every cell of my body. Every cell in my body is ignited with pure love. My energy field is overflowing with pure love and pure joy. My heart is opening more and more to pure joy, pure love, and pure me. I have the freedom to be the me I want to be. I feel blissful. I feel relaxed. I allow my lungs to completely fill and then release out what I no longer need. My lungs are working beautifully. I am allowing free flow of energy throughout my being. My environment is healing for me and I am healing for my environment. I am taking a stand in my healing abilities and my healing presence. I am at peace in my heart. I feel that peace. I cherish that peace. I appreciate my radiance. Yes!

I am choosing to be present in my body

Orange SunI am choosing to be present in my body. I am choosing to love my life. I am choosing to allow free flow of energy throughout my being. I feel very connected to the cosmos, very aligned to my purpose, and very grounded on planet earth. I am allowing my body to be fully energized on all levels and I am feeling the power well up in me. I am allowing my heart to open, to be powerful. I am allowing my heart to sing. I’m allowing my heart to feel joy, laughter, playfulness, love.  I’m being me. I’m enjoying life. I am living my life to the fullest. I am allowing myself to see things differently in beautiful ways. All things are good. I am opening up to learning new things. I am opening up to allow me to be fully in my being, the me I am here to be. It is a joyful experience, this being me. I can take deep breaths in and then release everything that does not belong in my space. I am continuously refreshing, renewing, regenerating. I’m smiling a lot. I am being love, pure love and that feels good. My presence is making a big splash here on planet earth. I am who I am, on purpose. Pure love flows through me and into every part of my being and out into the world, and that feels good. I am an amazing, magnificent being, and I am choosing to be seen as such. Yes!

I am allowing my heart to be open

I’m allowing my heart to be open. I am hearing the music that my heart sings. Sometimes I’m up and sometimes I’m down and I’m always me. I love me. I love who I am. I love how I show up. I love the life that I have. I’m being the best me I can be, in every moment, yes I am. My mind is clear. My thoughts are organized. My body is fully organized, fully alive and fully present. I am allowing myself to be quiet when being quiet is perfect. I am allowing myself to be noisy when that is perfect. I’m allowing myself to be social, to connect heart-to-heart with people. I give thanks for the relationships that I have and that is perfect. My alignment with God is perfect.  My source connection is pure and I am pure. I am pure love. I’m allowing that pure love to be noticed by myself and by others. My being pure love is expanding out into my environment. I have great social skills. It is fun for me to play in the presence of the energy fields of others and help people shift and grow and realize their depth, as I realize my depth.  This walk I have with my source is amazing. I appreciate that. I appreciate me. I appreciate the love that I have for life. I celebrate the life in all beings. I am allowing my heart to be full of peace, radiance, joy, and above all pure love. Yes!

I am empowered by love

Red SunI am empowered by love. I am feeling into the soft gentleness of pure love. I am open. I am loving. I am kind. I am generous. I am attracting all of that back to me. I’m feeling beautiful, loving, effortless energy all around me. I am being centered and focused and in my body in a deep and purifying way. I’m being purified from the inside out, from the top down, and the bottom up. I am feeling very grounded in love. I am open to expanding the love that I am. I am open to connecting heart-to-heart with people. I am loving the community that I am having with others. I am feeling safe. I am feeling connected. I am very oriented in life. Life is expanding in each and every cell in my body and I am feeling the power of life flowing through me. I have a beautiful flowing energy and that feels exquisite. I am at peace here on earth. I am a loving being and I am full of light. I appreciate my being. I am relaxing into each new day being that pure light and that pure love that I am.  That feels good. I am enjoying my open heart and my expansiveness. I am enjoying my source connection and grounding presence. I am amazing and full of joy. Yes!

I am ready for change

I am ready for change. I am seeing things differently. I am allowing my body to renew. I feel safe inside my body. I feel safe on planet earth. I am allowing myself to align, to align with the cosmos. I’m feeling very grounded and present in my body. It’s easy for me to discern what’s right for me and what’s not. I am choosing to let go of everything that no longer serves me, let go of everything weighing me down. I am allowing myself freedom, freedom to grow, freedom to prosper, freedom to be fully alive. I’m present for new beginnings, new life, new adventures. I’m connecting in with my purpose. I’m standing strong. My heart is open. I’m allowing myself more and more pleasures in life. My inner strength is there. I am prospering. I am in great health. I think clearly. I am in joy a lot. I love the exciting adventure called life. I am ready for what’s next, leaving all things behind that are not in my future.  I step freely and easily into the new. I appreciate new beginnings. I appreciate the new me. I appreciate that love is the center of it all. Yes!