Everything is in divine timing. I am listening to the flow of ideas that come to me. I see clearly what to do. I find myself moving forward with ease. I feel encouraged to get things done. I am accomplishing my goals. I feel inspired to create new projects. I feel equipped for the challenges ahead. I always have what I need. I feel capable. I am nurtured. I am content. I find myself being patient when that is the perfect thing to be. I am OK with waiting for things to unfold in correct timing. I am appreciating my life. I am appreciating my divine connections. I am honored to serve humanity in the way I am inspired to. I have hope. I have confidence. I am knowledgeable and have many talents. I am living my life in love. I have love for all life here on planet earth and I am appreciating my patience and trust in the divine timing of everything. Yes!

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