Red SunEverything is in right timing. I enjoy being present in each new day. My patience is growing. I am relaxed knowing all is well. Things always work out for me. I have stability. I trust God‘s timing. I feel safe knowing I am well taken care of. I see things clearly. I am open to new possibilities. I use my imagination for positive, creative purposes. I am aligned with my desires. I have the resources I need. Details are coming together beautifully. I feel joy in all that I do. I am tuned in to what is going on. I am receptive to positive experiences. I am mentally calm. I am complete. I am letting go of needing to know the outcome. Energy flows through me with ease on all levels. I am colorful. My stomach is calm. I realize my priorities. I have a renewed spirit. I feel energized. I have a deep sense of peace inside. My sacral chakra is fully functional. My life is full of pleasure. I am enjoying my life. My thoughts are on trust. I am thriving. Yes!

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