Light Blue SunI’m choosing to live in the present moment. I’m choosing to love the life that I am in right now. I am aligned to the cosmos and fully connected to the earth. I feel good in my body and I feel good about what I am doing in life. I love who I am and I am more and more excited about expanding into the new. I am choosing to live life to the fullest, to make the most out of every day. My mind is strong and it is as sharp as attack, and it remembers everything I needed to remember all of the time. It is easy for me to focus on right now. It is easy for me to remember everything I need to remember. I bring into my remembrance all that I am and that’s good. And at the same time I am moving forward with ease. I am calm. I am certain. I am congruent with life. I am ever-changing and ever-growing and ever-being the me that I’m here to be. I’m enjoying the new life that is coming into my body. I am loving the newness of life. I love that my awareness is expanding. I love how I am connected to all that is. I love that every piece of information in the history of ever is available to me at anytime. All I have to do is focus and tap into it and that information is mine. When I have questions, I get answers. When I have questions, new things start developing in my body, in my mind, in my awareness, and I allow the universe to surprise me with delightful pieces of information that I never knew before. New things are coming to me all the time. New ways of being, new ways of thinking, new ways of doing are coming to me all the time. And I am allowing my body to upgrade. My body, mind, and spirit are all upgrading and I love how I am being renewed, regenerated. And I love how I am so much more clear in my focus, in my presence, in my body, in my mind. Everything is working so much better and I do like this metamorphosis that I’m going through and I am allowing myself the opportunity to BE while it takes place. Life is an exciting adventure and I’m so excited to be involved in it. Yes, I like the expansiveness that I am having now, and the joyful experiences, and the feelings of bliss that I get and my acknowledgment that I’m a magnificent human being having the life here on earth that I’ve always strived to have. And now, I get to be that. Yes!

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