Free pathways and passage ways.  I have begun new healthy patterns.  I am open to new concepts and ways of being.  I am complete and choose 100% health.  I trust in complete healing.  My health is restored.  I release old ways of being.  I allow joyful experiences.  I have joy, grace, clarity, and order in my life.  My body has everything it needs.  My body communicates well with itself.  I am changing the way I think and how I see things.  I allow myself to relax into life.  I easily step into my power.  I am worth a lot.  I allow myself to be content.  I realize I have everything I need.  God is infusing me with inner strength. I am stepping into a strong, healthy way of being.  It is my divine right to be healthy.  I am spiritually aligned.  My teeth are fully energized.  My thoughts are full of trust and hope.  I feel my divine connection.  My energy is raising.  I am content with my life.  I am aware of God’s presence.  I have all the support I need.  I receive pleasure with ease.  I receive love with ease.  I am emotionally calm.  I am passionate about life.  I put my heart into everything I do.  I am present.  I am quiet inside.  I have permission to be me.  My heart chakra is fully present.  I am genetically clear.  I am following spiritual guidance.  I choose to receive what I desire.  My thoughts are free.  I own my spiritual power.  I am expansive.  I am in touch with my extra-sensory perception.  I am supported in all ways.  More and more, I am aware of my spiritual connection with all of life.  I take action on what I want.  I trust the world.  The past is over.  I allow my spiritual gifts.  I forgive.  I am balanced and centered.  I see details.  I am at peace.  Joy is expanding.  I have all the energy I need to be fully functional and at my best.  Yes!



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