Happiness reigns. I have unshakable trust. I am colorful. I allow myself to be happy. I trust my insights. I have permission to be free. I feel good about my sexuality. My lungs breathe freely. I love being in joy. A lot of my time is spent in joy. I like who I am. I see clearly. My pituitary gland is in perfect balance. I am allowing grace to flow. I feel complete. I easily release everything I don’t need it. I am worth a lot. I embody my wisdom. I trust my future. I feel sane. I am quiet inside. I know my worth. My body is happy. My root chakra is powerful. I respond in positive ways. I am managing my life well. I like to laugh and play. I am genetically clear. I easily adapt and go with the flow. I am opening to others naturally. I am easily expanding into my happiness. I am cheerful. I am kind. I like celebrating life. I am in celebration of life. Yes!

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