Sun-deep-sky-blueHappy immune system.  I am grounded in my being.  I am calm and serene.  I allow myself to settle down and be still.  I am offering myself the opportunity to renew, rejuvenate, regenerate, revitalize.  I am willing to relax and expand.  I am allowing my immune system to ignite it’s senses and investigate the possibilities.  I am fully charged and ready to heal.  I am having harmony in all of my organs and systems.  I am fully capable of full restoration of vibrant health to all areas of my being.  I am living life with a renewed spirit.  I am allowing myself to feel vibrantly healthy, and fully alive.  I feel fully present in my body.  I have passion for life and what I am doing.  I am excited to live in each new day.  I am pleased with how my life is unfolding.  It feels good to be in my body while being connected spiritually, mentally, and emotionally as well.  As I breathe in the newness of life and breathe out what is no longer needed, I feel my strength growing.  I feel free to be my fully enlivened self, and that feels good.  Yes!

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