Sun-forest-greenI accept myself completely.  I am transforming with ease.  I am acceptable.  I have what it takes.  I am making my health happen.  I am joyful.  I am worth a lot.  I am content.  I stand in my power with ease.  I feel joyful.  I am in balance with things.  I choose to love myself.  I feel good.  I am at peace.  I am one with God and all of creation.  My body communicates well with itself.  I allow God’s love to flow through me.  God keeps me sane.  I am in total harmony on all levels.  I can have what I want.  I allow myself pleasure.  I am thriving.  I have permission to be happy.  My mind is aligned.  I have self-control.  I am achieving my health goals.  My life is manageable.  I am at peace.

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