Sun-dark-khakiI have healed.  My pituitary gland works well.  I am colorful.  I am achieving goals.  I have vitality.  I like what I am doing.  I always have choices.  I am passionate about life.  Old habits are gone.  I am thriving.  I have self-control.  I accept success.  I am radiating health.  Energy flows to me and through me with ease.  I recognize God’s help in my life.  I am happy.  I am at peace.  I am wired right.  I get along well with my friends and family.  I fully accept my life.  I am calm inside.  My sacral chakra is fully functional.  I put my heart into everything I do.  I openly express my feelings.  I am comfortable with my sexuality.  My sacral chakra is fully energized.  I am omnipresent.  My crown chakra is aligned.  I have stability.  I am giving.  I am enthusiastic.  I have great relationships.  I am well.  I am risking my heart.  Anger dissipates with ease.  I am kind.  I have permission to have abundance.

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