I allow blessings to flow to me. I am worthy of everything I have and be. My life is wonderful. I have all that I need. I feel secure in who I am. I see the magnificence of everything. I am beautiful inside and out. I trust that all is well. I realize everything has a reason, everything is on time, and everything is on purpose. I am wide open for love to flow. I am receptive to positive change. I am loving the peaceful moments I have. I am generous and I allow generosity to be ever present in my life. I’m feeling good about the things that I have. I appreciate the home I’m living in. I meet wonderful people frequently. I like doing nice things for people and it seems people like doing nice things for me. More and more I am allowing myself to be open and receptive. I have free flow of energy throughout my body and energy field. I am emotionally calm. I invite joy and pleasure to reign in my life. I cherish blissful moments and I have many. I am enjoying my marvelous life. Yes!

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