I allow free flow of energy throughout my body. I am open and receptive to life giving energies. I feel honored to be in this body. My body is supreme. I feel sublime. My structural system allows energy flow. All my needs are well taken care of. I feel healthy and strong. I am allowing significant change for the better. All obstacles in the way of radiant health are gone. I am at peace with myself. I have all that I need. I feel grounded in my being. I am confident in who I am. I am relaxed and renewed. I am allowing rejuvenation to take place in my body. I am fully capable of being who I truly am. I welcome change. I am flexible. I am dynamic. I am open to new possibilities. I take deep cleansing breath’s that allow energy flow. I am calm. I am allowing healing. I am allowing life to flow through me on every level. I appreciate my body’s upgrades. I love the body I live in and realize it is always doing its best to keep me happy, healthy and strong. I am in harmony with life. Yes!

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