Sun-orchidI am in love.  I am in tune with life.  I have self-control.  I have drive.  I am a great influence.  I am dynamic.  I am accepted and accepting.  I get what I desire.  My solar plexus chakra is fully functional.  I trust the authority of love.  I trust my self-control.  My crown chakra is aligned.  I trust my own authority.  My sacral chakra is in balance.  I have permission to heal.  My imagination is in balance.  My sacral chakra is fully charged.  I am emotionally calm.  I allow myself pleasure.  I am allowing love.  I take action.  Things always work out in positive ways.  My teeth are calm.  I am enjoying life.  I am making the life that I want.  I have acceptance.  I am always learning.  I am in touch with my feelings.  I am relaxed and flexible.  I am omnipresent. I am embracing new concepts.  I am calm and serene.  I am allowing myself to transform with ease.  I put my heart into everything that I do.  I am at peace with who I am.  My true power is bubbling up through me.  I have learned from my past.  My structure has changed.  Nothing annoys me.  My life is flowing with ease.  I am expansive.  I trust my future.

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