I allow my heart to sing. I take great pleasure in being fully alive. I see things in positive ways. I am learning new ways of being that benefit me greatly. I am in charge of my life. I am allowing free flow of energy throughout my body, mind, and spirit. My emotions are balanced. I feel at peace in my heart. I am scheduling fun in my life. I am anchored in love. Love is at my core. I appreciate my gifts and talents and tap into them regularly. I choose forgiveness both of myself and others. I appreciate challenges and move through them with ease and flow. I am proud of my problem-solving skills. I connect into my source for answers and freedom. I have a grounded presence. I am in tune with life. I am aligned with joy and freedom. I see clearly my path ahead. I am patient and kind to myself and others. I have time for everything important to me. I am allowing well-being on all levels. Yes I am!

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