I allow myself to look within.  I feel connected to nature.  I am mentally calm.  I see myself renewing.  My body is happy.  I feel aligned with the cosmos.  I have all the tools I need within me.  I am complete.  I have stamina.  I am evening out the fire within.  I feel balanced and whole.  I am energized.  I see where my attention needs to go.  I see my inner glow.  I am helpful.  I have answers.  I am a great resource.  I am proud of who I am and what I do.  I am honest and sincere.  My body is doing it’s best to keep me happy and healthy.  I am happy and healthy.  My heart experiences delight in being present for me.  I acknowledge my greatness.  I have all the energy I need and it flows with ease.  I am enough.  I have enough.  I am happy.  I have a rewarding life.  Yes!

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