Yellow SunI am colorful.  Energy has free flow in my body. I trust my insight.  I am enthusiastic.  My thyroid works perfectly.  I make my life happen.  I have self-control.  I handle the storms of life with ease.  I feel good about the way I design my life.  I am expressing my potential.  I am risking my heart.  I get results.  I am in harmony with life.  I get new ideas all the time.  My sacral chakra is fully charged. My memory has changed for the better.  I am creative.  I am tolerant.  I know I am happy.  I trust my future is bright.  My bladder is strong.  My imagination is in balance.  My solar plexus chakra is fully functional.  I love opening my heart and sharing it with others.  I have assimilated my history.  I am continuously renewing.  I have full perception of my purpose.  I have changed my memory.  My structure is strong.  My energy field is protected.  I am Light.  I trust my insight.  I am joyful.  I am calm.  I live in joy. I allow my Light.  I choose love.  I live with joy (times infinity).  My personal power is growing stronger every day.  My root chakra is aligned.  I am content.  My jaw is strong.  I am accepting new possibilities.

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