I am a powerful one. I see big things for me. I am owning my power. I am making a significant impact on planet earth in a way that only I can. I am feeling good about my accomplishments. I have unshakable trust. My root chakra is fully energized. I am more than enough. I am very capable. I trust my instincts. I feel qualified. I am radiant. I have a deep sense of calm. I feel solid in my decisions. I am important. I am courageous. I am influential. I feel my strength. I am one with God and all of creation. I am in harmony with life. I am a success. I take my responsibilities seriously. My awareness continues to expand. I have the power to create and transform. I have vitality. I am open to give and receive respect. I feel heard. I am mentally clear. I feel motivated. I behave in beneficial ways. I fully accept my life on earth. I love sharing my life. I put my heart into everything I do. I feel cared for. I know my priorities. I am embracing new concepts. I have the ability to take charge when appropriate. I appreciate my creative energy. My sacral chakra is fully activated. I am living in love. My pituitary gland is in harmony with life. I have transmuted my subconscious memory in beneficial ways. I have let go of everything I don’t need. I am spiritually aligned. Yes!

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