I am accepting my magnificence. I allow myself to ponder the beauty of my soul. I am one with the cosmos. My heart is filled with joy. I see clearly who I am. I realize my genius. I know my brilliance. I feel my powerful strengths. I easily connect in to the wisdom of the ages. I am acknowledging the grace that I have. I feel fulfilled. I am passionate about living life to the fullest. I see the perfection in everything I do. I am healing. I feel well grounded. I am fully present in this life. People hear what I have to say. I represent truth. I am clear about where I am going. I am making things happen. I am being successful. I am righteous. I am well received. I am welcome. I am celebrated. My life is full of pleasure. I am in touch with my heart’s desires. My life is splendid, it is. Yes!

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