I am allowing a deep sense of safety.  I breathe with ease.  I allow deep breaths.  I am calm, inside and out.  I have a healthy sense of well-being.  I allow myself to feel comfortable in my body.  I am at ease with my life.  I always find the answers I am seeking.  I realize I am always being taken care of.  All my needs are met.  I feel safe and protected at all times.  I have a deep awareness of what benefits me and what does not benefit me and the wisdom to act accordingly.  All my cells are calm and are in harmony with the flow of daily life inside my body.  I feel connected to my environment and I am aligned with the benefits of my environment.  I am choosing to enjoy life.  I am allowing myself pleasurable experiences, more joy, fun, laughter, and ease.  I feel supported.  I have deep trust that all is well.  I attract delightful experiences.  I am inviting more peaceful, contemplative moments into my daily life.  I have plenty of time for the important things in my life.  I feel important.  I am important.  I am fully alive, fully aware, fully present, and free to be me.  It is safe being me and that feels good.  Yes!

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