Sun-dark-silverI am allowing deep relief.  I am opening my heart.  Life amuses me.  I am Light.  I feel spiritually aligned.  I feel joyful.  I have plenty of opportunities.  I am joyful.  I feel safe knowing I am spiritually aligned.  I am well taken care of.  I offer myself compassion.  I live in joy.  I feel expansive.  I am complete.  I have a deep sense of joy.  I feel sane.  I release what does not benefit me.  I trust the future.  I am motivated.  I like my choices.  I am content.  I am spiritually aligned.  I accept myself.  I see what I need to.  Joy is expanding.  I am willing to risk my heart.  I feel safe and relaxed.  I am open to receive blessings.  I honor and respect who I am and what I am doing.  I am on multiple planes of existence.  I own who I am.  I am proud to be me.  My life is excellent.  I am successful.  I have the freedom I desire.  I trust my foresight.  I am fully equip to handle everything in life.  My heart chakra is fully ignited.  My heart chakra is aligned with my higher purpose.  My heart sings.  I am mentally calm.  I am protected.  I am OK with mystery.  I am spiritually, emotionally, and relationally restored.  I allow myself pleasure.  My subconscious memories are changing.  My blood is hardy.  I have let go of the past.  I have healthy patterns.  I am changing with new ideas.  I accept unconditional love.  I am renewing easily and effortlessly.  I am thriving.  I have momentum.  I notice my contentment.  I choose positive beliefs.  My future is bright.  I am receiving the gifts of the universe.  Spirit is very much a part of my being.  Yes.

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