Pink sunI am allowing fun. My life is full of fun and pleasure. I am allowing laughter and playfulness. I have an awareness of light, peace, and joy. I am experiencing blissful moments. I feel uplifted and free to be me. I am illuminating. I love the harmony that I have. I am allowing myself the pleasure of soaring with the eagles, and dancing with the angels. I feel liberated, set free, open, and expansive. I easily breathe deeply and freely. I am clear and clean and fresh and new. I feel the radiance of the sun and the stars. My spiritual sense is enlivened. I feel the magnificence of the heavens. I feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and fully alive. I am open to lighthearted fun. I smile big. I am pleased with myself. I love sharing laughter and playfulness with others. Life amuses me. I smile a lot. I am opening my heart to cosmic joy. Yes!

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