Hot pink sunI am allowing love to be who I am. I am gentle with myself. I have compassion for others as well as myself. I am enjoying the now. I am aware of my needs and realize they are all taken care of continuously. I am allowing energy to flow freely throughout my body. My life is precious. All of life is precious. I am respecting the flow of life. I am at peace with who I am. I am more and more stepping into the fullness of my being. I am standing strong and I have a strong presence in the world in my own special and unique way. I feel privileged to be me. My understanding of life is deepening. I have clear thoughts. Wisdom flows in my life. I am allowing myself deep connection to nature and life itself. I feel deeply rooted in my being. It is easy to open to heart connections with the people in my life. My awareness is unfolding beautifully and I am experiencing harmony more and more. It feels good to have free flow of energy throughout my body with love being the center of my life. Yes!

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