Sun-turquoiseI am allowing my body’s health to level up.  I feel energized.  I feel open.  I feel free.  I feel expansive.  I have all the energy I need.  I have all the nutrients I need.  I have all the love and concern I need.  I have released and removed from my space all past negative experiences.  I choose to hold loving thoughts.  I am safe in my environment.  I feel satisfied with my life.  I have a song in my step.  I feel uplifted and happy.  My heart sings.  I feel truly blessed to be me.  I am loving my life’s adventures. I feel confident that things always work out for me.  I am calm and grounded within the day to day flow of life.  I feel spiritually aligned.  I feel good about the health of my body.  I am aligned with God.  My life is full of pleasure.  I have courage.  I release everything in the way of health.  I feel satisfied with my relationship with God.  I live in contentment.  I am connecting to the health of the universe.  I am in perfect balance.  I am restored physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  I am genetically clear.  Everything about me has ease when connecting to calm.  Yes!

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