I’m allowing my heart to be open. I am hearing the music that my heart sings. Sometimes I’m up and sometimes I’m down and I’m always me. I love me. I love who I am. I love how I show up. I love the life that I have. I’m being the best me I can be, in every moment, yes I am. My mind is clear. My thoughts are organized. My body is fully organized, fully alive and fully present. I am allowing myself to be quiet when being quiet is perfect. I am allowing myself to be noisy when that is perfect. I’m allowing myself to be social, to connect heart-to-heart with people. I give thanks for the relationships that I have and that is perfect. My alignment with God is perfect.  My source connection is pure and I am pure. I am pure love. I’m allowing that pure love to be noticed by myself and by others. My being pure love is expanding out into my environment. I have great social skills. It is fun for me to play in the presence of the energy fields of others and help people shift and grow and realize their depth, as I realize my depth.  This walk I have with my source is amazing. I appreciate that. I appreciate me. I appreciate the love that I have for life. I celebrate the life in all beings. I am allowing my heart to be full of peace, radiance, joy, and above all pure love. Yes!

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