Hot pink sunI am allowing my heart to feel free. I am uplifted and calm. I feel motivated in life. I am enjoying my life. I am enjoying who I am. I am enjoying my physical self. Life is good. I am breathing deeply and completely. I am relaxing into the moment. I do feel good about me. I know I am an amazing human being. My life is making a positive impact in my sphere of influence. I am relaxing into each moment, realizing I am well taken care of. My heart is open to love. I accept love freely. I’m feeling connected to my source. My mind works beautifully. I have a sharp memory. I’m taking my time getting things done. No hurries, no worries. I’m moving through life with ease. I am in flow. I am present in my body and I like that. I am renewing and regenerating and healing deeply and completely. My body is fully energized. I am feeling very grounded in love. My heart is happy . Yes!

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