Light Blue SunI am allowing myself time to revitalize. I give myself permission to regularly rest and relax, knowing that by being revitalized I am happier and more productive. I give myself mini vacations daily. Sometimes I listen to music, go for a walk, be in nature, listen to birds or watch butterflies on the flowers. I am allowing time for contemplation and renewal. I am being mindful to drink a lot of purifying, detoxifying, refreshing water. I am enjoying my breaks from routines. I am allowing myself to get out and do new things and meet new people. I am getting all the deep, rejuvenating sleep that I need and I wake up refreshed and ready for each new day. I schedule fun and pleasurable things regularly. Taking care of myself is a big priority for me. I feel well taken care of. I am happy. I am healthy, and I am free to be me. Yes!

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