Sun-forest-greenI am allowing myself to be calmI am allowing myself to be calm in the presence of others.  I am a calm person.  I am serene.  I’m allowing peace to reign in every cell of my body.  I do feel peaceful.  I do feel settled.  I do feel sane.  I do feel aligned spiritually.  I am regrouping and noticing the benefits of who I am.  I do notice I’m awesomely made.  I do notice that I am allowing myself to renew, to regenerate, to revitalize.  I am rejuvenating.  I am opening to new possibilities.  My awareness is more keen than it has ever been before.  I feel the newness of life flowing through me.  I’m excited about where I am at in life.  I am loving the life that I have.  I am all of the sudden noticing how exciting it is to be in this body of mine living life.  I realize that my being makes a difference on this planet.  I realize that I get to acknowledge myself for being the me that I am.  I am calm.  I am serene.  I am allowing God to work through me.  I feel at peace with who I am now.  I’m feeling more settled, more at ease.  My life is now moving forward with ease.  I’m allowing myself to enjoy life.  I’m allowing myself to have pleasure, to have fun, to live in joy.  At times I even feel blissful to be on this planet.  Yes, my life is unfolding beautifully, even now.  I’m seeing much more clearly than ever before, and I like what I am seeing.  I feel good about me.  I feel good about life, and I am blissfully in love with the life that I have.  Yes!

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