I am allowing myself to feel prosperous. I feel confident. I feel refreshed. I am feeling good about my connection to myself and to my source. I easily allow myself to be of great service to people. I feel important. I feel very helpful. I am full of life and light. I’m allowing money to come to be easily and effortlessly and often. People pay me for my worth. People get results with me. I am a healing presence. My very present shift things in people in a beneficial way. People love compensating me for my efforts. I am a happy recipient of their financial offers.  It is easy for me to accept money. I realize people want to compensate me. Over and over and over they come to me for help and they get results. I do know things. I do have wisdom and understanding. I do have direction. I am on purpose. I am living my life well. I have all my needs met. I have plenty to be generous with. I deserve compensation for what I offer. People are happy to pay me. I am worth a lot. I am worth a lot. I understand that. Yes!

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