I am allowing myself to settle into the being that I am. I am feeling very strong in my body, my mind, and my spirit. I have a powerful presence. I feel my energy field filled up with who I am, pure love. My heart is opening. I am softening even in my strength. I am allowing images to flow. I am seeing things clearly. I am feeling deeply into who I am. I feel anchored in the truth of all that is. I am allowing my creativity to flow. I have great ideas and they come to me often. I am allowing wisdom to be shared. The right people at the right time, for the right reasons always happen. I seek truth and there truth is. I be love. I expand into love. I radiate love. Pure love is all around. I’m inspired by pure love. I not only accept who I am, I love who I am. I am basking in freedom, in love, in peace, in bliss, and I radiate that back into the universe. Life is lovely and I am in love in life. Yes!

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