I am allowing peace to reign in my life. I am allowing myself to have certainty in every decision I make, and I am making decisions wisely. I feel good about the power I have in my being. I feel every cell in my body being fully energized, fully present and fully alive. I can breathe in deeply and completely. I can release all that does not belong on the out breath and that feels good. I am being present in the moment, and living my life from there. I feel happy. I have all that I need. I am focused on the important things to me. I am letting go of everything that doesn’t serve me. I am allowing my radiance to fill my energetic being . I am protected. I do have safe boundaries. I feel safe in my body, safe in my environment. I feel safe in my home. I allow myself to relax and renew and realize I am always well taken care of. Yes, I am always well taken care of. I am relaxing. My mind is calm. My body is at ease. The information I am looking for always arrives exactly when it is due. I feel confident about that. I am a confident being. I am caring, I am loving, I am compassionate. I am free to be me. I love how I am a being of light and pure love. Everywhere I go that’s how I roll. That’s how I am being. That’s how I show up. Pure love, that’s me. Yes!

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