I am allowing purification. I am allowing joy to infiltrate every cell in my body. Every single cell in my body is ignited with pure joy and pure love. Everything that does not match that frequency is moving out and away. I am feeling safe and secure in my body. I am feeling safe and secure in my environment. I am elated with joy that is generated in my being. I am elated that joy is transmuting all that does not belong, it’s shifting and changing to be blessings in my life. I am allowing joy to bubble up from the inner depths of my being. I am living in joy. I am excepting joy. I am expecting joy. I love being joyful and in that joy is kindness, generosity, playfulness, love, bliss, freedom, passion and the enjoyment of all of life.  I feel enlivened by the joy in my life. I am feeling aligned with my purpose, being pure love. My body is purifying away all that is not me. I can sit in bliss and joy. I am comforted knowing that my life is free. I am free.  I am free to be me. I am joyously free being me. Yes!

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