Red SunI am an empowered energetic being. I am sovereign and powerful. I stand firm on the truth. I am speaking the truth in love. I am always at choice. I make correct decisions for myself. I am spiritually aligned. I am in tune with life. I resonate with my true self. I am allowing myself to think for myself. My energy is clear. I am fully present and aware. I am appreciating my life. I am living in the vibration of love. I am feeling cared for. My body is holding light at higher and higher frequencies. My positive thoughts are powerful. I am manifesting well-being. I am experiencing free flow of energy throughout my body. I am drawing pleasurable experiences to me. My body vibrates health. I am holding a high state of consciousness. I am alchemizing and transmuting energy in beneficial ways. My life is transforming beautifully and I feel wonderful. Yes!

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