I am at ease with my emotions. I hear what I have to say. I am able to re-balance with ease. I believe in the sacredness of life. I am attuned to my body’s rhythm. My root chakra is aligned with my entire chakra system. I have permission to heal. I am motivated to change. I see what I need to see. My body is aligned beautifully. I allow myself to live in freedom. I allow myself strength. I trust my instincts. I live in Light. My ears are clear. I feel content with my life. I have great ideas. I am complete. My body is in great communication with itself. Life amuses me. I am settled in my being. I am powerful. My heart is happy. My liver is in harmony with the rest of my body. I am moving into the future. My electrical system is efficient. I am allowing forgiveness to reign. My sacral chakra is aligned. I allow forgiveness to be easy. I am calm when it is beneficial to be calm. I feel deeply loved. I cool down effortlessly. I feel heard. I am colorful. I am protected. I am including pleasure in my life. My sacral chakra is aligned perfectly. My root chakra is well established. My digestive system is on task. I open myself to others easily. My spinal column is flexible. I am receptive to change. I feel a deep sense of safety. My heart is joyful. I feel seen and appreciated. I am lovable. I am in touch with my senses. I am thriving. Yes!

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