I am being me. I am taking a strong stand, in who I am. I am being grounded and full of love. I always have access to what I need. I’m feeling stable, safe, and secure. I’m enjoying my life. I’m having fun. I’m doing things that give me pleasure. I’m allowing myself to feel deeply with what comes up, then move forward with ease. I am accepting what’s in my life. I’m thoughtfully thinking through what’s next. I am allowing myself to sink down into my heart and listen and take action from my heart. My heart and mind are in sync. I’m loving my life. I have a great life. I am enjoying my experiences. I can take in deep breaths, and with a sigh of relief let go of all that I am done with, and all that never belonged in the first place. I’m excited about what’s new, what’s in the future, and what’s next. I’m living my life from the perspective of love. Love abounds in my life. There is plenty of love to go around and I love being in the vibration of love. Yes!

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