Sun-dark-blueI am spiritually clear.  I am thriving.  Subconscious memories are gone.  I have courage.  I am making my life happen.  I am at peace.  My structure is changing.  I reclaim my power, I feel it coming back to me.  I have raw power.  I am expressing my potential (times infinity). I am highly creative.  I am regenerating.  My imagination is in balance.  I am moving toward my vision.  I am expanding.  I like who I am.  I feel powerful.  I am tender.  I am transforming with ease.  I expect miracles.  I am in transition.  Energy washes through me.  I am noticing when I am happy.  I merge with the cosmos.  I feel uplifted.  I am expressing my potential.  Dysfunctional patterns have ceased (times infinity).  I am completely calm.  I accept prosperity.

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