I am celebrating a lot. I am sitting with peace in my heart, with love of life, with love of being. I’m choosing joy and happiness. I am choosing to celebrate life. I am choosing to celebrate love. I am choosing to celebrate the simple pleasures in life. I am feeling joyful. I am happy and carefree. I am celebrating moving forward. I am celebrating sitting and being. I fill my lungs with the newness of life, with the expansion of the universe and the overflowing of love. I am breathing out what no longer serves me and doesn’t belong. I’m being renewed, re-calibrated, and I am regenerating life and for that I am celebrating. I celebrate each new day. I celebrate my heart ever expanding and my heart connections with life, with people, with nature and with myself. Life is good. I am smiling a lot, even laughing. I am being joyful and playful. I feel like a free spirit. I do celebrate the freedoms that I have. There are many freedoms that I have. I love being in peace, being tranquil. As I sit being peaceful and tranquil I love the ideas that pop into my mind, the inspirations. I love seeing how they unfold into what is next for me. I am celebrating the exciting adventure that I am on. I am in love with life, in love with myself, in love with nature’s healing presence. I have a lot to celebrate. Yay and yes!

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